About North Bank College

North Bank College, the second oldest institution of higher education in the undivided Lakhimpur District was established. in 1961 by the people of entire locality in between the two mighty rivers, the Brahmaputra and the Subansiri. As the vast area between the two rivers is well known as "North Bank" the institution is therefore named as North Bank College. The College was initially affiliated to Gauhati University in 1964 as the co-educational institution but the affiliation was shifted to Dibrugarh University just after its establishment in the year 1965 and brought under the deficit system of Grant-in-aid in the year 1972.

Since the very inception, North Bank College has been rendering higher education to the ambitious youths of this backward area and facilitating for their present livelihood which would otherwise have been a far cry. However the college is highly grateful to Late Lalit Ch. Doley, the founder president and Late Satish Ch. Gogoi, the founder Secretary of the Governing Body, for offering this feasibility and opportunity for getting higher education in the locality.

Though initially the college was started as Arts College, considering the growing importance and to fulfil the necessity of the present generation of the locality, the science stream has also been introducced in 1996. As per the direction of the UGC and also to meet the growing need of vocational education, North Bank College has used its full efforts and has already intoduced vocational certificate courses subjects in 2003.

The college has eight nos. Teachers' quarter and Girls' hostel, specious and well furnished class room, rich library, well equipped Laboratory facility computer facility with internet for accomodating education may be considered a premier institution not only for Ghilamara but also for the entire upper North bank (in between the river Brahmaputra and the Subansiri) of Assam. The college is situated in an excellent location just near Ghilamara Tiniali, the commercial and communication centre point of the entire area.

North Bank College has already completed the 'Golden Jubilee' celebration in the year 2011, which became possible only because of selfless efforts of the people of Ghilamara and its dedicated teachers who are still very energetic and enthusiastic and have been rendering their best effort to make the institution a grand success.