Department of English

Departmental Profile :

  1. Name of the Department : English
  2. Date of Opening of the Department : 1961
  3. Date of Introduce of Major Course : 2010
  4. No. of Faculty Members : 3
  5. Details of the Faculty Members :
  6. Name Qualification Date of Joining Designation/Present Status

    Mr. Milan Kumar Gogoi

    M.A., M.Phil.


    Asstt. Prof. (HoD)

    Mrs. Mompi Saikia

    M.A., B.Ed.


    Asstt. Prof.

    Mr. Bharddwas Gogoi


    Asstt. Prof.

  7. Department Publication if any : Nil.
  8. Departmental Activities (Departmental Meet together, Tour/excursion, Seminar etc) : One National Seminar was held by the Department.
  9. Total no. of seats in Major Course : 30.
  10. Departmental Academic Performance :One national seminar sponsored by UGC in 2013, group discussion, debate, quiz etc are held in the department.
  11. Achievement of the Department : We get satisfactory result from the students. We think it better.
  12. Department Vision :To create good citizens, development of their skills and to give ways to be able to establish themselves.


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