Department of History

Departmental Profile :

The Department of History has been imparting meaningful historical knowledge at under-graduate level since its inception. The department also involves in enlarging its academic activities on historical issues by giving due importance on the fields containing importance at local and regional levels. The department also follows inter-disciplinary approach in its different academic activities.

  1. Name of the Department : History
  2. Date of Opening of the Department : 1961
  3. Date of Introduce of Major Course : 2004
  4. No. of Faculty Members : 1
  5. Details of the Faculty Members :
  6. Name Qualification Date of Joining Designation/Present Status

    Mr. Shubha Das

    M.A., M.Phil. (HoD)


    Asstt. Prof.

  7. Department Publication if any :
  8. Departmental Activities (Departmental Meet together, Tour/excursion, Seminar etc) :
  9. Total no. of seats in Major Course : 30.
  10. Departmental Academic Performance :
  11. Achievement of the Department : 
  12. Department Vision :To achieve all-round development of the students with quality education.


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