Department of Political Science

Departmental Profile :

The Department of Political Science involves in imparting teaching-learning activities in Political Science at under-graduate level at present. Moreover, the department involves in other academic,  extension and research related activities in the fields of Political Science.  

  1. Name of the Department : Political Science
  2. Date of Opening of the Department : 1961
  3. Date of Introduce of Major Course : 1983
  4. No. of Faculty Members : 4
  5. Details of the Faculty Members :
  6. Name Qualification Date of Joining Designation/Present Status

    Mr. Dineswar Gogoi



    Associate Prof. & HoD

    Mr. Rukma Kr. Medak



    Associate Prof.

    Dr. Gitanjali Boruah

    M.A., Ph.D., LLB.


    Asstt. Prof.

    Mr. Bhabesh Morang



    Asstt. Prof.

  7. Department Publication if any : The department publishes a half yearly wall magazine "Jagrity" and a issue based magazine "Polity" to provide the students a platform to express their viewpoint and intellectual ability under the banner of North Bank College Political Science Association. The department also has taken the opportunity to publish a book title "Issues of Integration in North-East India : Peace process and development" bearing ISBN No. 978-93-5087-701-2 in 2013 which consist of seminars papers and articles in the National Seminar organised by the department in April, 2013.
  8. Departmental Activities (Departmental Meet together, Tour/excursion, Seminar etc) : The department maintain a calender to carry out students related activities like departmental freshers social, parting social, group discussion and excurssion annually to develop a sense of belongingness and broaden the vision of the students.
  9. Total no. of seats in Major Course : 30.
  10. Departmental Academic Performance :
  11. Achievement of the Department : With the strong working spirit Political Science department is able to make the students to gone out successfully even by occupying first class first position with distinction too and now they establish themselves in various fields in and outside the state.
  12. Department Vision :Quality higher education and quality production is the main vision of the Political Science department. Our combine effort is to create an accademic environment enough to make the students practically capable for better achievement and social upliftment.


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