Department of Sociology

Departmental Profile :

The Department of Sociology imparts education at under-graduate level at present. Along with its regular teaching-learning activities, the department is also actively engaged in other academic, extension and research related activities. The department also follows inter-disciplinary mode of education to run its different academic activities. :

  1. Name of the Department : Sociology
  2. Date of Opening of the Department : 01.08.1973
  3. Date of Introduce of Major Course : 20.01.1991
  4. No. of Faculty Members : 3
  5. Details of the Faculty Members :
  6. Name Qualification Date of Joining Designation/Present Status

    Mr. Laba Ram Sonowal

    M.A., M.Phil.


    Associate Prof. & HoD

    Mr. Biren Chutia

    M.A., M.Phil.


    Asstt. Prof.

    Mr. Nitul Saikia

    M.A., M.Phil.


    Asstt. Prof.

  7. Department Publication if any : The department publishes wall magazine named "Socio-Vision" yearly since 2006.
  8. Departmental Activities (Departmental Meet together, Tour/excursion, Seminar etc) : Yearly meet together and parting Social, Freshman Social and yearly tour out of assam in every year.
  9. Total no. of seats in Major Course : 30.
  10. Departmental Academic Performance :Pass in Major since 1994 on average 96% and placement in different field 90%.
  11. Achievement of the Department : 30 college teachers, 25 school teachers, 25 defence and state Govt. service holders, 15 are businessman.
  12. Department Vision :Quality higher education and quality production as per present trend is the main vision of our departmental vision. Sociology department intends not only to provide theoritical knowledge but also use combine efforts to create an accademic environment, considering the socio-cultural and integration and socio-political status of the stakeholders of the institution to make the students absolutely capable for their own achievement and to contribute for social upliftment.


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