Department of Zoology

Departmental Profile :

Zoology being one of the important branches of Life Sciences has been gaining enthuism and popularity amongst the learners. The Department of Zoology, North Bank College since its inception is carrying the duties and responsibilities to impart the knowledge of Zoological fields in the region. The department is also actively participating in the field of conservating local bio-resourses towards conversing bio-diversity within the region through different academic and extension activities. The faculty members are sincerely engaged in research related activities in different branches of Zoology.

  1. Name of the Department : Zoology
  2. Date of Opening of the Department :
  3. Date of Introduce of Major Course :
  4. No. of Faculty Members : 3
  5. Details of the Faculty Members :
  6. Name Qualification Date of Joining Designation/Present Status

    Mrs. Aparupa Gogoi

    M.Sc., SET


    Asstt. Prof.

    Mr. Budhin Gogoi



    Asstt. Prof.

    Miss Citumoni Gogoi

    M.Sc., B.Ed., SET


    Asstt. Prof.

  7. Department Publication if any :
  8. Departmental Activities (Departmental Meet together, Tour/excursion, Seminar etc) :
  9. Total no. of seats in Major Course : 30.
  10. Departmental Academic Performance :
  11. Achievement of the Department : 
  12. Department Vision :To develop manpower by imparting both theoritical and practical knowledge in zoology.


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